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The uniform solution: 

more than just products, a complete package and first of all, a Service

When selecting uniform, the products themselves are subject to various constraints:
  • A delivery date that respects the allocated time frame
  • A standard of quality that surpasses expectations
  • A guarantee that ensures you will be able to find the same product, in the same color and the sufficient quantities for future seasons
  • Value for money options that meet your budget
  • Each product’s ability to contribute to the overall theme, and unique image, of your yacht

When selecting a uniform there are many factors to consider and individuals to satisfy. The development itself is something we at DWD, Dolphin Wear & Deckers, thoroughly understand and that’s why we have created these vital services to help deliver the final product exactly how you want it. The process can involve the Crew, the Owner, the Management Company or even the Project Manager and so there will always be a wide selection of styles in each product category to fulfill your needs and meet the highest of standards.

Please browse through all our services : PRODUCTS (stock policy and brands), TIME MANAGEMENT, SPECIAL PRODUCTION timeframe and CUSTOMISATION options.

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Uniform solution