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From CUSTOMISATION - a slight modification to an existing product such as adding stripe, piping, tip or pocket detail, to MADE TO MEASURE - a complete new design of a dress, polo, shirt or bermuda using specific fabric in the colour to match your yacht’s aesthetic criteria, DWD will warranty you the exclusivity and distinction of a full uniform collection, with the added value of knowing your own products will continue being produced year on year.

Customisation solution

Customisation is carried out by us, allowing us full stock and quality control over our products and techniques, on a leadtime of 4-6 weeks. Top-up orders are swift and smooth, with colours and templates being recorded for speedy replenishment.



Up against ever-changing time constraints and itineraries, we offer you product customisation as a quicker, easier bespoke solution. From the latest state-of-the-art print and embroidery techniques, to modifying and enhancing existing products, adding piping or stripe or any detail, we invite you to optimise your crew uniform look.


Value adding personalisation



cotton, jersey or fast-dry…
choose the appropriate fabric.


with colours to get the right combination.


the collar, shorten the sleeves and add a pocket… if you want.


Thin lines for ladies, thick lines for men or vice versa, as you like.

In order to create an exclusive uniform for your distinctive yacht, we will work with you during the design and decision making process, either making slight alterations to existing products or producing completely customised creations.