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Made to measure

Your Yacht is truly unique.

Lets work together to create a uniform to reflect this. 
Whether you have your own creative flair, or you’re in charge of executing the owner's ideas, we are on hand to make your designs become reality.
Our in-house design experts offer you three complete solutions, to help create the wow factor with your crew wear!

Based on the respective knowledge from Deckers’ high end EXCLUSIVE DRESS COLLECTION, and Dolphin Wear’s complete made to measure process and facilities, DWD will drive your design project inspired by your yacht’s distinctive essence.

Please, discover some of our creative visualisations and share with us your uniform dream.
Together, we will work to make it happen!


“All of our uniforms were made to measure and surpassed expectations. 
More, the embroidery, screen printing and design were added, all of a high quality, and completed to our satisfaction.”

M. - Chief Steward MY – 54 m


Exclusive Dress Collection

What started out as one classic evening dress has since evolved into a highly sought after EXCLUSIVE DRESS COLLECTION. From crew recommending products to other crew, to owners competing to showcase their Superyacht, the demand for stylish ladies wear is on the rise, and our customer feedback speaks volumes.


Made to Measure Solution

From an abstract idea, to exact specifications, you choose how much of a role you wish to play in our MADE TO MEASURE design process – while we focus on sourcing suitable fabrics, matching to your yacht’s pantone, and fine tuning practical elements such as pockets, zips, belt loops and radio straps. Prices start at just 20% more than an existing product price


Exclusive Dress collection,
Made to measure,
Make your choice!



From the first sketch to the finished statement piece, each detail is discussed and developed during the design stage, incorporating elements such as radio straps, belt loops, holes for wires to an earpiece, and pockets. Clients have the option of combining aspects of our own dress designs, or otherwise creating an individual piece, completely unique to their own Yacht or Villa.

Special production Timeline

from 1 to 6 months

Small minimum quantity required
Product availability guarantee
Stock Management
Unique design, based on your yacht’s distinctive essence


initial contact
Research into products,
styles and fabrics


visual presentation
Adjustments made
and/or confirmation


personal presentation
Adjustments made and/or confirmation


order to prototype
Approval upon arrival or adjustments made


special production order placed
Quality Control


embroidery / printing
Quality Control