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About our company

Since 1989 for DOLPHIN WEAR and 1986 for Deckers, we have been providing quality products and services to yachts all around the world.

Specializing in uniforms and interior products, DWD - Dolphin Wear  Deckers, helps yachts to create functional, stylish and on trend uniforms, which can be personalized to meet your unique specifications. 

Our special production team can also work with you to create fully customised uniforms, providing that unique touch which reflects the personality of your boat.

Our customers will always stand at the heart of our company. Meeting their needs and exceeding their expectations are of greatest importance to us.

We would like to extend our sincere thanks to our customers, friends, suppliers, employees and partners for their loyalty over the last 30 years.

Please download our catalogue and do not hesitate to contact us using your preferred method:


About our company

The Crew Stores

To far from a DWD store? Visit one of our Crew Stores, where you will find all of our best products on display. These stores are well known in their respective areas and by being positioned close to the berths and are easily accessible. Each store is in a position to show you our samples as well as source any Dolphin Wear products or services you may require.  Through them you are also able to request to make use of our embroidery, printing and customization services and we offer them any support that they require.

The showrooms

The Agents

A well-known agency or company assists us in working directly with you. They will follow up on any matters on your behalf and in so doing assist in making the process of getting the ideal uniform a much easier for you.

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