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Time management

How long does it take to get a uniform order ?

We apply the below Time management policy :

A precise process ensures the best uniform and yachtwear order is delivered on time.

To ensure together that the items are ready on time, we determine the time frame that the yacht
has and work within that, and its potential and limitations.


Orders based on:
Items in stock
In house embroideries


Orders based on:
Items in stock
Express shipment from suppliers
In house embroideries

Standard order and delay
2 to 3

Wide selection of researched products and fabrics:
Presentation and discussions of options
Numerous embroidery and printing options

Lead-time for customised and altered product orders
1 to 6

Tailor made and customisation:
Value added customisation according to yacht colors and design
Design modifications to existing products

Delay for Complete Special Production Projects
4 to 6+

Fully bespoke clothing options:
Unique design and style
Large fabric choice and dedicated production
Special colours development
Full production project and control process
Assistance and project/budget management