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the fundamental elements

Dolphin Wear's Stock Managed Selection
Items on stock, available immediatly
  • We stock over 400 references, which equates to more than 30,000 products. This ensures that we are always able to respond to your urgent needs.

You need it we will supply it immediately

Dolphin Wear’s Partners stock
External stock control, slight delay
  • Through established partnerships Dolphin Wear is directly connected to their partners and suppliers’ stock bases.
  • This enables the availability of items to be checked quickly and, given your criteria, the best possible solutions to be suggested to you.
  • If available, delivery can take place within 1-2 weeks.

You desire it We will investigate it

Dolphin Wear’s Unlimited Choice
Unlimited choice
  • Dolphin Wear is currently working with over 70 different suppliers.
  • Our purchasing team is capable of seeking out solutions to all of your uniforms requests, negotiating with suppliers and managing the supply of special items for you.
  • Upon request, there is almost no limit to what we can supply.

You think it We will source it.

              Ogio Merrell

And Kariban, Clique, DAD, Russel, FOTL, BP, Gildan, Henburry, B&C...