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A growing trend in many fields, customization gives you the chance to express your personality and stand out from the crowd. In the world of yachting, it conveys originality, fun, and a distinctive touch of class!…

Customization involves transforming products to meet the client's taste and specific requirements. As the "Uniform Solution Provider", Dolphin Wear is very enthusiastic about sharing design ideas and creating personalized uniforms, towels and other accessories, all conveying a strong sense of identity.

Customization can take the form of simple braids, patterns, names or logos, on polos, shorts, blouses, trousers, caps, badges, button tabs, belt loops, collar trims and linings etc… Satin ribbon is often used as a discreet but attractive detail, its width and colour chosen by the client. Using the Pantene chart, the colours of the boat or a corporate logo can be precisely reproduced. Personalized fabrics are also increasingly popular: in addition to easy-iron and fast-dry products, clients can now opt for anti-bacterial materials (especially for polos) and anti-UV fabrics (for close-fitting T-shirts, for example, with high necklines and long sleeves).

Dolphin Wear is particularly proud of its in-house expertise in "broderie", ie. the design of logos and patterns using special software. While 75% of suppliers ship out this activity to subcontractors, Dolphin Wear works closely with its client to select the right colours, but also the font. Astute technical know-how is applied to obtain just the right rendition of a logo, for instance, and regular training courses are followed to keep up with the latest advances in the software.

Customization of crew uniforms can be extended to include bath and beach towels, face flannels, tableware, large flags and pennants… As for clothing, designs can be as stylish or as personal as one wishes. Fashionistas can take inspiration from the new season's colours: for 2016-2017, pastel shades are on the programme, but also a subtle coral pink and chic anthracite grey. Some clients have taken advantage of digital printing to reproduce highly graphic designs or wording - even poems. But possibly the most ambitious project to date involved the reproduction of a client's favourite artwork. The eight months of development, tests, samples and client validations required a budget of 10,000 €, with the finished and totally exclusive products then costing less than standard retail items. Artistic flair and a bold display of originality, proving that customization is indeed both cool and highly creative!

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"Stylish and elegant, personal or fun, artistic or inspired by next season's pastel shades, anthracite grey or coral pink?… The choice is all yours!"